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Monday, April 24, 2006

Foot Jiggling V

Back to the classes:
Pretzel: In this class, not for the faint of heart, one leg, the top leg, is held naturally, straight out, bent straight down, and jiggles from the toe. The other leg, the bottom leg, extends straight out, is bent back in under the top leg so that it is pancaked between the seat and the top leg's thigh. This leaves the bottom foot protruding to rapidly twist back and forth. The pretzel is great for whacking your feet on things and making them sore. Please not that those whose knee joints occasionally become partially out of socket may want to refrain from this jiggle, as should those prone to muscle cramps.
Stylish Cross: A jiggle with an attitude, the stylish cross begins with one leg out and bent down to the floor, leaning to the inside, with the other leg draped over its knee. This allows the bottom to keep a beat with its toe while the top wiggles its way to fame. Rapid leg reverses bring even more attention to this ostentatious jiggle. This jiggle may cause uncomfortable sweating where the two legs sit on top of each other, so it is reccomended for the cooler months.
Holding Feet: This is only a slight modification of the Classic. Both feet are extended out, angled outward, and fold inward. The bottom leg touches down on the toe, the top leg goes behind it, with the front of the top ankle resting over the heel of the bottom foot. This jiggle, if used excessively, may lead to rashes or blisters, but it allows for rubbing bone dual-rythym, and bounces the knees in sync with the jiggle.

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