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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Shoes News: Basics

Well, first we had better all get on the same page. This, as opposed to my last six posts, is actaully on a serious topic, and I really do have some useful things to say. I'll try to stick to what is the consesus about these topics, and make it known if I am jumping out on the somewhat unstable limb of my own reasonings and thoughts.
I will assume you all know what a sneaker, dress shoe, sandal, and boot are. But here's some definitions of slightly harder words.
Tennis Shoe: Most people mean "sneaker" when they say this, but, while all tennis shoes are sneakers, not all sneakers are tennis shoes. There are only a few dedicated tennis shoes made, as in "shoes made to play tennis in".
Casual shoe: Not what it sounds like. This is a casual, as opposed to a dressy, dress shoe. It is not a sneaker, boot, or anything like that. It is a lower-end dress shoe.
Slide: A sandal you slide your foot into, that has no pieces that go between the toes.
Last: A model that shoes are built around, determines lengths and widths of the inside of the shoe. Most brands only have a few lasts. This means that one shoe of brand _, size _ may fit you, while another of brand _, size _ does not.
A: narrow ladies width.
B: medium women's, narrow men's width.
D: Medium men's, wide women's width.
W: Men's wide (E), women's wide (D)
E: Men's wide
Adding numbers in front of the A or E means double, triple, quadruple narrow/wide depending on the letter and number.
pronation: The natural rolling in of the foot and flattening of the arch when the foot strikes the ground.
Supination: The foot rolling out during a stride.
Overpronation: Rolling in...too much!

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