"I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess." -Martin Luther

Monday, September 25, 2006

Speaking of Virtual

I suppose we were only "speaking" in a virtual sense.
After reading Ben's blog and comments on all the virtual things going on, I wish to relate something that will make all the virtual-lover's dreams come true.
Note the amount of U.S. currency spent in the last 24 hours.
My computer programming professor told us this morning of an article which described virtual fashion designers who are now able to support themselves by converting their virtual earnings back into U.S. currency.
Comments and speculations, please.
Well, back to the real world.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Counter-Productive" adj:

In the last three days I have spent five or six hours draped over chairs reading my PE text.
It seems that a lot of people in our country, and most others, are dying from sedentary lifestyles.
My PE book goes to great, boring, flowchart-enhanced lengths to explain to me just how these people die (slowly and often painfully, not to mention expensively) and just how many steps of "self-programming" I need to go through to save myself from this fate (six). I felt the atherosclerosis beginning even as I sat there.
If only I hadn't had so much reading I would have gone to the gym.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Holy Infiltrating Socialism, Batman!

My "Concepts in PE" section is using a secular textbook. This has not bothered me. Our instructor starts each topic by building (or asking us to research) its Biblical foundation, and then uses the book for the technical/medical aspect.
In fact, if this textbook was, shall we say, following the Holy Spirit rather than the spirit of the age, I probably wouldn't have anything to blog about right now. So I'm actually thankful for the secular book.
That said, let me just quote some things to you out of Concepts of Fitness and Wellness, 6th Ed., by Charles Corbin, Gregory Welk, William Corbin, and Karen Welk.
p4: "Wellness has been recognized as the positive component of optimal health, as evidenced by a sense of well-being reflected in optimal functioning, health-related quality of life, meaningful work, and a contribution to society." -- So you are not healthy, I take it, unless you feel good about yourself and are contributing to society, among other things.
Still p4: "Some people include environmental and vocational dimensions in addition to [the ones they use].... In this book, health and wellness are considered to be personal factors. Environmental factors, including the factors in the vocational (work) environment, are considered to be factors that influence the five dimensions of personal wellness." -- So some people do not think you are healthy unless the environment around you is healthy, and you have a good job. But this book, though noting the claim, does not buy it. Thank goodness. Check back in the 7th edition, though.
The kicker: p5: In a definition of Emotional-mental Health:
"A[n emotionally, mentally well] person...possesses emotional wellness."
In the following definition of Emotional/mental Wellness:
"...ability to...deal with personal feelings in a positive, optimistic, and constructive manner. A person with emotional wellness is generally characterized as happy instead of depressed."(my italices).
--A mentally healthy person, therefore, is happy. An unhappy person, therefore, is mentally unhealthy. How do we treat mental illness? Counseling, therapy, drugs.
It is no longer acceptable to be unhappy. If we are unhappy, the medical/pshychological/governmental worlds must intervene with presriptions, therapy, counseling, and money for these things.
When will it stop? When we're happy.
What is one of the goals set for 2010 by Healthy People 2010 and promoted by my text?
"Eliminate health disparities."
I would like everyone to be happy. I'm glad my PE text wants them to be.
If we are a lot happier in 2010, well and good.
So long as it's not because we've been talked and drugged into believing that we and everything else is hunky-dory when it's not.
Do not set your heart on doing something yourself that you by yourelf cannot do.
Anyway, that just gave me the creeps. If anything I said sounded like I wanted everyone to be unhappy, or die or not get adequate medical treatment, please comment specifically and I'll respond.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Patrick Henry's Famous Speech

Everybody should read this.
It includes:
Respect for those in disagreement.
Straightforward and impassioned opinion.
His responsibility is to God first! Then country.
It's almost prophetic, too: we were severely outnumbered and under-equipped. And God did indeed raise up allies, in the form of the French.
Even without looking at its context I consider it an excellent speech