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Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Counter-Productive" adj:

In the last three days I have spent five or six hours draped over chairs reading my PE text.
It seems that a lot of people in our country, and most others, are dying from sedentary lifestyles.
My PE book goes to great, boring, flowchart-enhanced lengths to explain to me just how these people die (slowly and often painfully, not to mention expensively) and just how many steps of "self-programming" I need to go through to save myself from this fate (six). I felt the atherosclerosis beginning even as I sat there.
If only I hadn't had so much reading I would have gone to the gym.


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  2. I prefer a vitual workout myself. I just read about working out, and I can feel the extra pounds dropping off, and I can sense the increase in my metabolism, and the muscles becoming more taut, more lean, and readier than ever for my next session of reading about working out. Sometimes, when I'm really in shape, I just think about working out, and this takes me to a whole different level of physical fitness.

  3. Ben, I think if you took the labs in this book you would score very high on your Balance of Feeling. Good work.


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