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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Myth: College is More Exciting than Home

Fact: Since returning home from college late Thursday, March 3, I have
- Used a large piece of power equipment, utilizing its rapidly rotating plastic blades to cut down thousands of organic growths.
- Learned about Christians in Chile, Colombia, Cuba, and Brazil, including information about their countries' history, customs, foods, and governments.
- Eaten hormigas. For those of you who have not tried them, they have a texture like popcorn and a flavor like roasted salted peanuts.
- Stepped barefoot into a casserole dish which had marshmallow spread in the bottom.
- Won several important battles with the help of Tristan and his band of warriors known as the Shining Force.
- Eaten four restaurant-prepared meals.
- Eaten no Chartwell's-prepared meals.
- Eaten several little-sister-prepared meals.
- Eaten several self-prepared meals.
- Finished a book I have been reading for more than half a year.
- Begun a translation of William William's Theomemphus, which begins with a fascinating biography detailing his part in the Great Awakening, and includes lots of Welsh words like ' ' and ' '.
- Written on my blog.
- Forced cotton fabric to realign by pumping water onto it and applying pressure with a superheated piece of iron.
- Forced wooden stakes into the ground by pounding on them with a piece of heavy metal.
- Dug out a 120-or-so square foot section of my back yard to a depth of about 3.5 inches. Might I add that I live in Georgia, thus ensuring that I was digging into Georgia red clay.
- Chipped concrete. Granted, I could have done this at college if I had signed up for that particular Practical Service, but it is still exciting, and something I did not do at college.
- Watched TV, just for fun, in the middle of the week.
- Watched on in a mixture of horror and anticipation as our fridge/freezer and stand alone freezer broke at the same time. We had to eat everything. Everything included a lot of ice cream.
- Sold shoes. If you don't think that's cool, think again.
- Teased my little sister.
- Gotten a blister on my thumb.
- Written pieces of stories, and pages of outlines for the second book in the Sol War story arc that I thought up, oh, four years ago.
- Discovered David Webber's book, Off Armageddon Reef, which is quite enjoyable, though slightly annoying due to its similarities to the Sol War story arc.
- Gone to the library without any idea that I was going to run into a bona fide member of the Imperial 501st stormtrooper legion, and myriad other Star Wars oddities collected for the thirtieth anniversary of the theatrical release of Episode IV.
- Most recently, I have acquired a rocket launcher.


  1. Hey, I've done a lot of that myself since I got home! Also on the list is:
    1. Travelled to Knoxville and tore up carpet
    2. Made $500 tearing up said carpet
    3. Filled out 15 job applications
    4. Was turned down for 1 of those 15 jobs
    5. Started reading a new book (which is very interesting because the main character is a wildlife biologist)
    6. Got to see and wear the brown coat used in the show, Firefly
    7. Bought a katana
    8. Chopped down bushes with said katana
    9. Cut myself with said katana, while wiping the sap off the blade

    And I'm sure the list will grow as summer continues...

  2. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

    -afro diggedy

  3. Of Carpet, Coats, and Katana's. A fine list.

  4. hi! Mark told me about this post - very humerous... love your writing style.


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