"I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess." -Martin Luther

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Don't Be Scared...

...though the word "test" may be used in this post, it has nothing to do with the hideous, bloodstained, parasitic apparitions that live off of human toil and tears and then, when they've finished all of those, polish off hopes and dreams.
Unless, of course, you studied enough beforehand.
No, these are actually pretty fun.
Another reason you might be scared, but shouldn't be, is that the site I'm directing you to is apparently a dating service. I'm not sure why the items I'm interested in are kept there, but as far as I can tell they have absolutely nothing to do with meeting compatible people.

Blog Rater
This one allows you to put in a website and get a rating. This blog, for instance, is rated PG for two uses of the word "Hell" and one of the word "gun." Of course, it's now probably PG-13 for an added use of each of those words...anyway, that was interesting and useful, and the site composes a little html code so you can paste the rating onto your blog if you want to. Yay.

Your Chance of Surviving a Zombie Apolcalypse
That's right, with this you can compute your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse (You can also learn how to spell the word 'apocalypse' here. I did!)
I took it yesterday. I had a 56% chance of surviving, I think.

How Much Are You Worth -- Dead?

This one calculates, I know not how accurately, how much someone could get for selling your body as a cadaver. I find it morbidly humorous.(Allow me to say that by posting this I am not at all trying to be offensive or disrespectful.) I am apparently worth $5115. That's not much, if you think about it in perspective.

Finally, there's my personal favorite:

How Much of a Geek are You?
I dare you all, dear readers, to take this one. Some of you I will solicit personally if you take too long. Post your scores here. Don't be shy!
Oh, yes, I'm 58% Geek...and I didn' cheat much at all! I'm a little disappointed I didn't score higher. Oh well.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Judge this Serendipitous

The following is an anecdote which will hopefully edify my readers.
This afternoon I was thinking. I do that occasionally, and today I stayed home from church in the morning and evening because I am ill. So, sometime this evening I was on our back porch reading a re-write of Jonathan Edward's sermon entitled "God at Work," but my mind, at least at times, was elsewhere.
I was considering a series of events and conversations which had transpired over the past year which had caused my to look more closely at what all this judging and not judging in the Bible is about. My thoughts this afternoon were along the lines of realizing that I really didn't know where the Bible stood. I thought it would be nice to get some reading material and study up on it. That was page, oh, 66, where Pastor Edwards was talking about pride being a big snare for people in a revival.
Yeah, I sure have the pride, I thought to myself, not making the connection between pride and looking down on other people. I mean, if God says something is a sin, and someone does it, then I can consider it to be, or "judge" it, if you will, to be a sin, right? Well, my pride in being a sin-detector extraordinaire was probably oozing out my pores, and some notion that it was a problem for me filtered through my grey matter as I read. Then I got to page 71.
C. Let us beware of judging others,

read the heading.
I'm not the kind to get all exited about things like this (that's why I'm writing it up on my blog), so I just thanked God for his amazing providence which had in this case saved me a trip to the church library, and helped get my mind back on what I was reading. Pastor Edward's primary point was that God, and only God, sees the heart, and we as people have neither the ability or the right to declare a professing Christian an unbeliever. Pastor Edwards is rather straightforward, which is probably a good thing for me:
"We will see that declaring people to be unconverted who claim to be Christians and are living good lives is forbidden by Christ in the New Testament. Since he forbids it, his disciples must not do it."

He proceeded on page 72 to toss in a list of Bible verses to show the truth of his statements.
I am also concerned that I will get spoiled by these reading materials materializing in front of me right after I am prompted to study them. But it certainly is nice.
My only real concern is that tricky "living good lives" statement, which is never qualified. My readers' thoughts, applicable Scripture verses, and other such comments are welcomed.
Meanwhile, enjoy the serendipity
God at Work was prepared by Gary Benfold. © 1995 Grace Publications Trust.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cooking with Master Dobbs

Good afternoon, dear readers! My, what a lovely day it is -- not just because it's beautiful outside, but because I am not at work! It's my first weekday off in quite a while, and I'm enjoying it profusely. I already got Michael and Patrick through their morning in the Sanctuary, finished reading Off Armageddon Reef, and, most importantly, cooked lunch. I wish to share what I cooked with you today. But first, a little history.
I cook lunch a lot at my house, (at least at times when I'm home for the meal!). I was planning to cook some chip dip for me and my younger sister to eat, but found that we were having chili for supper, so I decided to hold off and go for something a little more...exotic.
Here's a cooking note for you chili-cheese dip lovers: Try adding a can of cream of mushroom soup to your chili-and-cheese dip; it makes it taste ever-so-much-more cheesy!
Now, back to my brief history of cooking. I wanted to make a good cold salad with a white dressing, mainly because I remembered eating a great macaroni salad of similar description the other evening. However, my younger sister and fellow future partaker of lunch asked for something hot. I decided to stay my course, and make a hot cold salad.
For my base, I spun the lazy susan and selected two eager volunteers: a can of kidney beans and a can of black beans. While I could retitle this blog "ode to beans" and wax poetic, I think I shall leave that for another day.
The following is a brief, easy-to-use set of instructions to make your own hot cold bean salad!

"Holy Cow"

Saute about 2tblspns of chopped onion in a saucepan. [Note: "saucepan" is really just a longer and more distinguished sounding word for "pot"]. Saute them in whatever you feel like. Butter might work well. All I added was a little water to keep them from burning. Proceed to add about 3-seconds-squirt of cheesy ranch dressing, one large spoonful of mayonnaise, one large dollop of sour cream dip, and one swish-out-of-a-sugar-tin of white sugar. Simmer for a few seconds so everyone can socialize. Drain the beans some, but not all of the way (the bean juice will help with the sauce!) Pour them into the saucepan *wink*wink* and turn up your stove so that you won't have to wait forever to eat. Then comes the fun part. Open your spice cabinet and scan it quickly, like your driving instructor tells you to scan the road for insane drivers and deer that you cannot possibly avoid but should try to anyway. Add things such as:
-garlic powder
-chili powder
-season-all salt
-mustard powder
Then add the following essential ingredients:
-fake or real bacon bits (lots and lots)
-curry powder (4.7 dashes)
Stir all these in, simmer them for a while, and eat them!
Try it on chips.