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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Don't Be Scared...

...though the word "test" may be used in this post, it has nothing to do with the hideous, bloodstained, parasitic apparitions that live off of human toil and tears and then, when they've finished all of those, polish off hopes and dreams.
Unless, of course, you studied enough beforehand.
No, these are actually pretty fun.
Another reason you might be scared, but shouldn't be, is that the site I'm directing you to is apparently a dating service. I'm not sure why the items I'm interested in are kept there, but as far as I can tell they have absolutely nothing to do with meeting compatible people.

Blog Rater
This one allows you to put in a website and get a rating. This blog, for instance, is rated PG for two uses of the word "Hell" and one of the word "gun." Of course, it's now probably PG-13 for an added use of each of those words...anyway, that was interesting and useful, and the site composes a little html code so you can paste the rating onto your blog if you want to. Yay.

Your Chance of Surviving a Zombie Apolcalypse
That's right, with this you can compute your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse (You can also learn how to spell the word 'apocalypse' here. I did!)
I took it yesterday. I had a 56% chance of surviving, I think.

How Much Are You Worth -- Dead?

This one calculates, I know not how accurately, how much someone could get for selling your body as a cadaver. I find it morbidly humorous.(Allow me to say that by posting this I am not at all trying to be offensive or disrespectful.) I am apparently worth $5115. That's not much, if you think about it in perspective.

Finally, there's my personal favorite:

How Much of a Geek are You?
I dare you all, dear readers, to take this one. Some of you I will solicit personally if you take too long. Post your scores here. Don't be shy!
Oh, yes, I'm 58% Geek...and I didn' cheat much at all! I'm a little disappointed I didn't score higher. Oh well.


  1. Sadly, I only managed to be 57% geek. Now I have to go watch Firefly and find Babylon 5 so I can feel better about myself.
    They don't ask you practical things like "Have you ever named your car after a character/space vessel/animal/etc. in a movie/TV show/video game/book?" That saddens me.

  2. Hahaha! I am definitely going to take some of these, but first I have to take the kind of test mentioned in the first part of this post... a Chem. test!
    The geek quiz is a must! The zombie apocalypse quiz sounds interesting, too (especially since I'm currently reading a book about a zombie apocalypse and I've been wondering what I'd do in that situation). I'll have to get back to you with my results...

  3. 62%. I knew Serenity and I didn't even watch Firefly. But Elizabeth inadvertently got me hooked on SGA--does that count?

  4. I did? Really? Huzzah! *dances*
    Bad timing to get into SGA, though. I'm going to mail the writers an "exploding tumor" machine -- wanna help?

  5. YES.

    I'm back-watching from the beginning of season 1, though. Bittorrent is my friend.

  6. Also, I have a 64% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

    Bring. It. On.

  7. Alright, I finally took the quizzes so here are my results:

    My blog is rated G, which wasn't really a surprise to me. I don't have much on it, so there's really nothing to make it deserve a higher rating.

    I have a 57% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse. But wait... I thought the whole point of an apocalypse was that no one survives?

    My body is worth $6,200. I don't know if that's something to be proud of or not...

    And the most important... I am 59% geek. I was really surprised that I actually scored higher than you and Elizabeth on this one, even if it was only by a few points.


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