"I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess." -Martin Luther

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Subway Apologizes to Homeschoolers

Directly after commenting on my post, "Subway Fresh to Homeschoolers" I googled for any updates.

I was quite glad to see that Subway issued an official apology. Here it is on their news site.

Java and I

Do not be confused by my title. I am most certainly not a coffee drinker. I am, in fact, now a software engineering using the Java coding language. While this may sound impressive, I am, in fact, a simple summer intern, and a dense one at that.

My boss does drink coffee, iced coffee to be specific, although he only began to do so recently (it was about the time he brought me on; it might be because of the stress of fixing everything I break). He also attends my church and introduced me to computer coding and Java several years ago, in exchange for the occasional evening spent babysitting his delightful children.

Now he's given me a summer job, and you may consider it a glorified excuse for why Benjamin Dobbs is still in the middle of his math homework, and, more importantly, Nathanael Booth and the rest of the gang are still trying to evade evil blacksuits in the middle of fairy land.

While those two gentlemen will just have to wait for me to finish the story, you, dear readers, may find some interesting reading on the new blog for the project I am helping to build.
The project is called "Remember One Another," and we intend for it to be a dynamic online prayer planner and Christian social network, organizing prayer lists, daily scripture readings, church calendars, missionary blogs, and, if we get the chance, much more.

The blog itself has introductory information about the project, as well as semi-daily posts from the author, making simple coding tasks sound just as hard as they were for me to accomplish. Though I hope it will be useful to other programmers, I neither set out to, nor could write a technical coding blog. Hopefully it is the right balance of information and entertainment.