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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Founder's Skit Night

Founder's Skit Night

This link will take you to Matt Katzenburger's blog for a brief explanation. From there, plug in the URL, and prepare yourself.


  1. owwwww...my brain...

    Has your hair gotten longer since you left?

  2. ??
    Yes, it does that.
    I just keep cutting it off, though (or, rather, I enlist the aid of my mother to do so on my behalf).

    That was such a random question I feel I am obligated to respond in kind.

    Uuuum, haven't had any freak ethernet cable accidents lately, have you?

  3. Ummm... well, that was... umm... interesting! Thoroughly amusing! Wow! I want to see yours!

  4. I have a movie, not a skit. It was Founder's skit night, not Mac. Mac has Mac movie night. And yes, I will try to bring a copy back with me over thanksgiving.

  5. I'm glad the First Belz boys placed high. Honestly, the skit that won first place wasn't nearly as amusing...

    So, um, you were there for skit night, were you? Oh, boy. Um... yeah, completely erase the Gallery skit from your memory. We didn't have a skit, and I was most certainly not onstage with little to no idea as to what I was doing. Never happened. >//<

  6. Who says Covenant students don't have a sense of humor?! My favorite part was definitely towards the beginning "do ya chain hang low" etc...


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