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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break Serial VI: Interlude

The rain poured down around them with a steady hiss, mocking their attempts to hear which way the queen had ridden.
"How did she get loose?" asked Grizzly.
"Stuck the ropes in the fire, looks like," said Benjamin.
"No way," Belian shook his head. "That would hurt so much!"
"But the ropes are burnt."
"It doesn't matter," said Grizzly. "She got away."
"There's no way we can keep up with her by tracks; it's too dark," said Benjamin.
"And without the spice, the plan ends. Here. Sorry guys, I should have stuck around to keep an eye on things," Grizzly mourned.
"One of us should have," Belian looked around.
"Well, if we're not going after her, I'm going to get some sleep. Enoch climbed under one of the tarps they had spread across some trees.
"What about the prisoners?" asked Belian.
"They can wait," muttered Enoch.
"I'm going to talk to them now, " Belian disappeared into the dark. Grizzly faced Benjamin. He stretched out one hand to the side and looked at it.
"Sleep?" he stretched out the other, "or interrogating the prisoners?" he looked back and forth, then stopped on the hand representing sleep. "Ah!"
Benjamin chortled and walked away as Grizzly bedded down. He was curious what the prisoners would have to say. Some of Enoch's men were gathered around them already.

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