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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Subway Apologizes to Homeschoolers

Directly after commenting on my post, "Subway Fresh to Homeschoolers" I googled for any updates.

I was quite glad to see that Subway issued an official apology. Here it is on their news site.


  1. Good for them. Too bad they didn't consult a proactive thinker... it could've saved a whole lot of insult and irritation.

    I now, for the most part, agree with the rant two posts ago. Mom straightened me out; I probably should've been more offended than I originally was. o.O

  2. Hmmm... I don't think I can say much on this considering I went to public school. I can understand Subway wanting their prize to be put to good use, and in reality most people wouldn't have the space for $5000 of exercise equipment (I know my family doesn't!). And they did say in their apology that they intended it to help schools who have a declining physical education program as is common in most public schools.
    I'm not trying to defend their actions or anything, I'm just saying that in all practicality public schools would probably benefit more from the prize than homeschools would. And I would agree that homeschool education programs are on average better than public schools.
    That does not justify excluding certain people from a contest, of course.

  3. Perhaps I have two complaints.

    One is that Subway excluded homeschoolers from their contest.

    The other is that those who choose to homeschool have no physical education program paid for by the government. In fact, homeschooling parents must pay the government for public school's physical education programs.

    This line of thinking implies that homeschools are the neediest in the area of physical education funds.

    That said, I agree that issues of practicality would have made it a more complicated task to involve homeschools in the contest, the prize being what it was.


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